Sunday, October 28, 2012

Four season’s bloggers meet

Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know."
~ John Keats

The quote is just perrrfecttttt (madhuri style, Read – Jhalak Dikhla ja) for me.

You give a woman fabulous clothes, gorgeous shoes, arm candy bags and kissable lip gloss what would she do with it if there’s no place to wear them or flaunt them and for fashion bloggers am sure this goes a level up. This is what FOUR SEASONS did for us bloggers in Bangalore and the rest of the country. They organized a mouth-watering splendid dinner meet for the launch of their Four Seasons Wine. Now doesn’t that sound tempting?? Am sure it does and also my quote by John Keats now sits right. Prominent & very interesting people, amazingly healthy conversation, yummy food, wine and laughter it sure does make a fab evening and yes it certainly was a fab evening. I ve been longing to do this post, but due to some technical glitch this post never showed up on my blog but not too late its up here for you to read. The event organised by FOUR SEASONS was for pairing food with wine where they had 5 different red and white wines paired against a spread of a 3 course meal. Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, the head of UB- Four Seasons Wines and chief wine maker who hosted the evening not only gave us insights on wine and its consumption but also made sure everyone was in splits. We also had amidst us the celebrity chef Mr.Abhijeet sahai who enamoured us with his experiences on travel and wine. It was a fun filled evening at Fava UB city, Bangalore. This was one of a kind of experience and felt very French. Being a white wine lover, I was looking forward to having an array of it.


Celebrity Chef Abhijit Saha

We were served Caeser Salad with 2 Types of white wine Sauvignong Blanc & Chenin Blanc for the first course. I like the fact that Mr. Kewadkar helped us in understanding the concept of having different wines with the serving and their pairing. Chenin Blanc was a personal favourite and it paired well with the salad. I was told that there is no right and wrong in pairing food with wine, it all depends on your taste buds, the more you try the more you understand the taste. I totally second that thought, because initially when I tasted wine I wondered how people even had this flow of liquid but today I am this big wine person. I prefer my little neat wine over any other drink. The kind of ambience created here was so amazing that I personally would want to have a sit down dinner with my favourite people and wine paired with some desi food. Now that would be some twist to our desi function.

Lamb chops were served for the main course along with Shiraz and Cabernet Souvignon, both red wines. I never had the opportunity to have anything mutton with wine, so this was an experience in itself and my personal favourite was the shiraz, it didn’t dry off my mouth as wines have the capacity to dry your mouth. Shiraz happened to be a group favourite and everybody liked the pairing of it with the lamb chops.

Anything pink and I go all “Awwwww…” that’s what happened when the dessert arrived on the table. We were served Crème Brulee with peaches along with the very beautiful Four seasons BLUSH. Yes now that’s some name for a wine. It had a blend of rose and a very fruity fragrance to it. The concept of pairing a dessert with a sweet wine was fantastic. It just felt like the cherry on top of a cake and thus the evening came to an end with some wonderful conversation and insight into this beautiful concept of food pairing with wine.

I can’t thank Four seasons group enough for giving us bloggers this opportunity to have this sit down dinner paired with wine and sharing their over the years achieved wisdom on wine. 


With Mr. Abhay Kewadhkar


I am sure the pictures have spoken a thousand words, as it certainly was a splendid evening and for that I thank Four Seasons for enlightening us bloggers.

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Photo Credits - Krithi Marla

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fashion Fab or Fashion Drab

Hello lovely people,

Ok Ok i know i don't post enough but i want to, i really really want to .... work keeps me alot occupied (not a good excuse), but nevertheless i am here with a new post , in fact a couple of post. With this post , i intend to start a new session where in i wanna put forward my opinion on a selective celebrity who caught my attention and i draw this inspiration from Kajol. She has upped her fashion quotient from drab to fab ( that's why the title) looking at her recent pictures, i certainly have big respect (bow down). She has moved on from her Manish Malhotra's to the Shantanu Nikhil's and Shivan Naresh. The dusky diva sure has come a long way.

2012 has been nice to Kajol in terms of her sartorial choices, not only has she come out of her no make up look but she has also decided to pick some snazzy designer outfits and loose that mommy weight.

Kajol with her drab ill fitted Anarkali's 

Kajol upping her fashion quotient with baby steps

OMG !! Look at her, she makes a perfect Diva

Below are two of my favorite Looks , i call it STUNNING !!

Kajol at Karan Johar's Birthday bash
 I love what she has done to her hair. I know many haven't approved of the look but i feel its killer.

Pretty in pink at the Vogue 5th Anniversary
This reminds of me the song by One Direction

That infectious smile. *sigh*

From me she gets a FAB !!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bangalore Bloggers Meet

Like I said nothing major happened at my blog end in the last 8 months but there was something that was a big hit on the 24th of June. There was a Bangalore blogger meet or to be precise fashion bloggers meet held at the Orion mall which has created some fond memories in my mind. I was a lil hesitant initially as I only read their blogs but never interacted with them nor did they know me, remember blog sabbatical. So when I contacted the brain behind this meet, she was more than ready to have me over and the next moment contacts were shared. I was looking forward to the meet on Sunday and the biggest dilemma was to decide what to wear. It’s a fashion bloggers meet and how can you not be dressed in your best. I know my blogger chicas reading this would be in a shock as I never told them this that it was a task for me for a good four days deciding as to what to wear. I was ransacking my closet and I just couldn’t decide what to wear, sometimes picking a dress is the most difficult decision a girl has to make. Don’t you agree on that?? So yeah we had the fab fashion bloggers meet and it was nothing but fun. Sizzlers, yummy munching’s and heartwarming conversations I couldn’t believe that we actually met for the first time and believe me it was amazing to see people in real whose blog I keep reading. There was the lovely Sonshu(the brainchild of the meet), you could fall in love with her and then there was the adorable Nikita, who knew that we’d actually make friends at the blogger meet, that was Nikita for me. Post the bloggers meet Nikita and me have met too often and also been on shopping spree, had sleep overs and dined together. There was the Barbie doll Shalini with her husband Rohit, both of them are soo much fun you just cannot get enough of them. One look at Jahn and you ll think she must be some college goer but don’t fall for the looks she’s a married lady and lovely to talk to. We also had Purushu the shy guy, I envy him (he doesn’t even know about it) and he truly deserves a shout out because our blogger finding tells us that he is the only male fashion blogger in the country. Now isn’t that a big deal, for me it is. Don’t we women love it when men talk about fashion too? I hope with too many girls around him we went a little easy on him. It ll be wrong on my part to not mention this that we had amidst ourselves a designer well she came in her own creation (kudos) and she sure made a pretty picture, that was the sweet Sayanti – the bong shell :p and last but not the least we had the charming lady from the fleamarket Oopps the Mumbai girl ila.
There was good food, some fun conversations and pictures, is it even minutely possible that a blogger meet would be complete without a photo session. Hell NO!! Shalini’s husband Rohit was the super sweet photographer for the night, he unflaggingly clicked pictures and made sure that we had pictures of the evening to cherish forever. Am sure we bloggers cant thank him enough. The blogger event ended with some shopping hauls at Zara, Debenhams and Vero Moda (is it even godly possible for fashionistas to meet and not shop??) and with some yummy sizzlers we parted ways to only meet again. Check out the pictures they ll do the talking for now and you ll know what fun we had. Signing off!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Sabbatical

The title seems apt, or maybe that’s how I should put it for my readers who I have done injustice to. APOLOGIES!! I was long away, there was too much happening and blog took a back seat but before I complete a year of NOT posting on my blog here I am finally back with a bang and that reminds me that I should tell you that I ve moved to Bangalore and it’s been about 8 months. Now you know how things must ve changed for me. From Cochin to Bangalore it was a journey in itself. From staying with family to living on your own, from gharkakhaana to doing your own chores, life changed 180 degrees for me. I moved here for work, moved internally with the bank. Didn’t know a person here and it was the beginning of a new journey in a lost land. I had no clue of what I was doing and where I was going. My initial days were spent house hunting and trying to figure out the city. But today it’s a different story altogether, I have friends (well not too many but ya a couple of them), I know places to shop, eat, hang out etc. I wouldn’t say I like this city but ya it’s a good change and of course that feeling of living on your own, making your own decisions , doing your room the way you like… well there sure are perks of living alone but then like they say there’s a darker side to everything.
With a new city I ve also got a new wardrobe well a relatively new wardrobe and with that comes a smaller bank balance *sigh*. With availability of many brands and options it’s difficult to not buy them am sure 9 out of 10 people would agree to me on that, but that’s ok it only makes me want to do more outfit posts and showcase my newbies. There’s so much to share but that’s eventually going to happen with more post following, but for now am taking a leave and will keep you posted on my happenings soon. Signing off !!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Should i be punished for being away ??

Apologies !!

I know i ve been mia for way too long , in counting its exactly 50 days...... whoaaaa now thats been real long...(guilty) but i am really grateful to Tanvi & Aasheianaa who got me back on track.... (THANK YOU HUG)if not for them this 50 would ve been a good 100.... blame the all thy time and other social endearing. Alright now that's the lamest thing I could ever say, no time for fashion ( Hell No !! ) ....that's not possible, you always have time for something you love and this is love, my foremost love( no second thoughts)... ok to be honest the worlds local bank keeps me way too busy and been juggling between office and home , that means no gymming, dead on social life, no movie ( that's a lie i did see Meri Brother Ki Dulhan n Friend with Benefits :p ) and i also want to say shopping but in 50 days only two days of shopping , does that count ?? please say nooooo.... so yeah honestly this chica did a couple of things while being away from the blogging scene  ( well i was only NOT posting, i was certainly blog hopping, i love outfit posts and other info that follows)

Firstly, I did have a small visit to the capital which coincidentally fell on the same date to that of the Vogue's Fashion Night Out (FNO). I was dressed to nines, wore my fav EDT, got my credit card in place and what not.... i know all you ladies out there who couldn't attend the same must be a lil jealous now... i mean who doesnt want to be a part of FNO....stop being J that's a part of the story,read ahead and you ll have a good laugh , i was right in front of DLF Emporio  ( YES, right in front of the venue) to be a part of the FNO and also to support a designer friend who was a total sell out but due to a certain man's childish temper ruined the whole scene and left the venue from the parking ( alright now i can be laughed upon) i feel bad n dont have the patience to wait until next year :(  I admit , I commited a crime !! 

Second, like i said was way too busy at the work front but then did take out two days of time for shopping... one at the capital ( now if i dont shop at the capital, i would ve been hanged to death by the sister ofcourse) and second did a local shopping at the city and guess what i bought this awesome Jumpsuit.... which i am soo in love with.... its a maroon jumpsuit( i wanted one in black though) but i totally adore it..... its nice and summery.... i love the way the fabric touches my skin.... i am soo gona do an outfit post on that, just waiting for the right statement neckpiece.... just realised i ve never done an outfit post they say there's time and place for everything ( is the usage even right ??, Uhhhhhh....u know what i mean .... :D )

Third, I ve been doing alot of blog hopping to get info on the major events taking place at the fashion scenario. There was the NY fashion week on which I will soon be doing a post....and also the Blenders Pride fashion tour for its kolkata and Delhi leg... since i could not be a part of any ( read point 1 ) hopping across blogs was my only source of pictures and info.... Jai www ki !! 

Apart from this I ve been contemplating about a couple of things which may sound funny to some of you but then to the confused me its a real deal.... i ve been wanting to get a haircut for like ages now ( please dont ask me how long, ASHAMED !! ) but somehow my haircut phobia does not allow me to enter the salon... there is this certain fact you readers should know about me....a) i have a haircut phobia(the fear of scissors going through my hair and making my hair look messy, i dont if such a thing even exist, but i have..also let me know the real term for such phobia) b) i will only get my haircut by a male...i know this is so random but then i insist(no females please)....c) i ve never had short hair in my entire life(bob cut) its like a thing for mom.... her hair does not grow long so is living her dreams through her daughter. Since i so badly want a haircut i also cant decide where to go should i go to the capital and get it from a swanky salon or just go to my personal stylist who i can trust....
Also with the wedding season around i have couple of weddings to attend but i have a terrible time deciding as to what to wear.... sometimes its a nightmare with too many options(Men,lucky bitches i tell u...) there's a saree, lehenga, churidaar and with the new entrants of palazo pants,gowns.... the options are limitless..... (poor me) maybe you guys could suggest me a thing or two.

the post is become too long now.... i dont want to bore you further with my rants.... from now i am gona be regular at the blogging front,the week i dont do a single post i ll penalise myself with 500 bucks...this way am sure to be rich soon (wink) and shop more ... Yeehaw !! signing off .... 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have you saved your date for the most spectacular event of Kochi this year?? – KIFW Calling !!

What connects Kochi with the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai? More than just the last letter i, I say. Fashion, or rather the love to flaunt it, is debuting in Kochi. Yes!! It’s finally here. It is going to rain fashion in Kochi from Aug 4-7. Kochi has got its very own Fashion week that surely promises to take you on a whirlwind tour of high fashion with celebrity designers, glitzy after parties and a definite oomph factor gracing the occasion.
Now why would a fashion week be interesting for the regular Mallu, you ask? Well look around, all you fashion bugs Kochi has evolved. And the Kochi International fashion Week, might just seem like the perfect cup of tea for your fashion starved souls, atleast for me it is (winks). Runway shows for me are always surreal and with just a few days left to hit the Kochi International Fashion Week (KIFW) to start, there is this tingling anticipatory feeling down the spine about ‘God! I wonder what’s in store’.
For all those novice, trust me fashion weeks are nothing like the fashion shows that we see at college fest or at some random product launch, fashion weeks to me is all about serious fashion trends, the Red Carpet divas, the front row frenzy, the spotting of celebs, who’s wearing what from which label and who’s with whom? Will the front row be jammed with Bollywood super stars? It’s a festivity, where hundreds of people get together to celebrate fashion. And yes of course for all those gossip mongers fashion weeks for them is an extension of hotties (who also try to get ‘nottie’, pun intended), wardrobe malfunctions(now I hope to not see any), cat fights, model gossip, trendy designer parties and beyond.
So what should one expect from KIFW? Apart from the glitz and glamour one is bound to see a lot of trend spotting from sky high heels to unimaginable heights of skirts. The high priest of fashion, James Ferreira will kick start the event with his take on Kerala’s very own kasavu and launching his men’s line – James Men , followed by our very own Hari Anand (remember Glada ) his collection is more of resort wear (now if you thought bikinis then I am laughing). The extravaganza will also see the presence of stalwarts such as Archana Kochhar, Vivek Karunakaran, Riyaz Gangji, Jattinn Kochhar (one of my personal fav), Megha Grover, Jules Idi Amin, Aruna Singh showcasing their collection. The KIFW grand finale will be presented by the New York based Kerala girl Sanjana Jon. My instincts tell me her collection would reflect a lot of Kerala vibe in her clothes (awaiting with baited breath) but that’s for us to wait n watch. I am so looking forward to having a tete-a-tete with her (too much to ask for eh?)
Casino Hotel would surely be bleeding fashion and with all the excitement abuzz with different people (I didn’t just mean leggy lasses :p) fun, chic-nes, drama & glitterati Kochi is surely awaiting this extravaganza (I can tell with the newspapers flooding with the updates, and also overheard someone enquiring about the passes). These four days of intense fashion during KIFW is something I have been looking forward to ever since its been out in the news and now it being around the corner and I’m off to buy some new black stilettos to celebrate and do my bit of fashionista. Have you saved your dates yet ??
The magic unfolds August 4th to 7th 2011. I can’t wait!!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Designer Dreamz - MASABA GUPTA

From hand stamps to foot prints, long flowy silhouettes to dramatic, strong colours. Masaba has finally arrived and created the much needed mark in the fashion world. Daughter of actor Neena Gupta (who also is her biggest endorser and is spotted in her creations very often) and cricketing legend Vivian Richards, she made people sit up and take notice with her debut at the 2009 Lakme India Fashion Week.(she has found a fan in me too)

I love Masaba for the giant prints, the mix of strong contrasting colours, edgy designs, and her invention of 3 piece saree. I mean WOW, such a modern twist to the seven yards and making it look even more sexier with the prints. I love the way she plays around with colours,textures and prints. Apart from the prints,polka dots and geometric designs used on the aforesaid sarees,Masaba also uses a dose of unique marks of palms and feet, alphabet motifs, motifs inspired by mythology etc liberally in her creations(my personal favourite).

polka do sigthing on masaba creations

alphabet motifs

prints with dash of strong colors

Masaba who is just a couple of years old on the block has an ardent fan following from the tinsel town in the form of Mandira Bedi, Sonam Kapoor and ofcourse Mommy dearest. Sonam kapoor also took Masaba on the global chart by wearing it to the cannes festival.

                                                                       Mandira Bedi

Sonam Kapoor & Neena gupta in Masaba creation

                                                   the famous hand print design

The pace at which she is going am sure she is here to stay and why not who wouldn't love some quirkiness and fun to their clothing. Well atleast I do, so for me its a thumbs Up !!

Hope u liked her collection too.

P.S. - i am getting a masaba in my wardrobe soon(one of the saree's for sure) but if you want to get your hands on her collection "House of MASABA"@ mumbai is the place for you.